Why blog?

The raison d'etre behind this blog is three fold (!). The reasons are as follows:

1. I hope it will serve as a call for Christian philosophers and theologians to step up to the plate and not forsake their intellectual responsibility and integrity in their respective academies as they seek to defend and promote the Christian worldview. (More on this soon on the fides page!)

2. That this blog will build bridges of understanding between atheist / agnostic / theist divides. Misrepresentation of Christian theism, or indeed, any belief system widens the gulf between attempts for dialogue, and so, lest we fall into the chasm of miscommunication, I hope what you will find here is a clear and accurate articulation of topics and issues as addressed and formulated by their own communities, minus any spin from me!

3. To keep my friends, family and supporters abreast of what I'm up to each month as I work with Christian Unions in Birmingham, Worcester and Gloucester. This will not replace my prayer letter, but I may be able to exand upon here, what there is not room to there!

I've been reminded by friends that this blog is not a book (as much as I'd love it to be!), but a collection of musings and reflections. Well, I'm not sure how much personal musing I'll be doing in such a public domain! Anything I do write though, will certainly be honest and I hope you will be encouraged by it. :)

I have been challenged recently to give people the gift of a question. So, that is precisely what I am going to do. Are you ready?